Madison Futsal Academy

Your Journey to Excellence

Authentic Futsal:  Quality & Development, Live Here

Madison Futsal Academy – Program General Information 

We Are About: world class quality, training, education, research & development. We are not about shiny uniforms, buildings & other superficial materials

Madison Futsal Team Core Difference: continuous education by top international coaches, research driven practice, character building, value based

Our Motto: live with courage & character, pursue education, together in excellence

Madison Futsal Academy – Program Details: unmatched technical/tactical development, social emotional coaching, sport psychology, research focused, value driven, character building and lifelong learning. No secrets, just top education and development, top work ethic, top character. Coached by Madison Futsal Academy Director Ilir Lushaj, Academy Head Coach Nick Genova, program sport psychologist/coach David Lacocque and program life/social emotional coach, Charles Lindsey. Three (independent) sessions a year, each 8 weeks, training once a week for 8 weeks formally. Academy includes: 8 weeks of training once a week, weekly social emotional training with staff psychologist, 1 mini tournament, 1 open scrimmage, 2 sport performance sessions for select level, post academy evaluation, weekly developmental information and training shirt. Training Mondays west or Thursdays east. Open to all students ages 8-17, placement based on age and student level of development. Locations: West Location:  110 N Gammon Rd Madison, WI 53717. East Location4402 Femrite Drive, Madison, WI 53716. Program Quality Note: this is the one program we suggest to all students for strong long term development. Program will challenge students from basic to select levels, including top students, particularly those students looking to prepare for regional/national competition in futsal/soccer.

Unmatched world class quality training, 8 weeks of training weekly, mini tournament, scrimmage, player evaluation, training shirt, strong developmental curriculum with several international coaches feedback, & detailed player evaluation.

Madison Futsal Academy – Program Center of Excellence

Curriculum – Evidence Based: 30+ hours a week literature/research review, on all aspects of player development & top world futsal/soccer schools.

Coach Education – Ongoing: every year we host here first team National Coaches on continuous education & travel internationallySome of the past coaches include Spanish, Croatian & Dutch National Team Coach.

Training Sessions – Unmatched Strong Technical/Tactical Training: based on ongoing coach education, research/literature review, teaching methodology and more, training sessions focus on world class player development (executive functioning, technical, tactical, visual field)

Teaching – Methodology: we research best teaching practices and implement best methods for students to succeed.

Our Core Values:  Respect (Honest, Work Ethics, Trust) & Honor (Joy, Innovation, Self-Control) & Grit (Perseverance, Optimism, Gratitude).

Madison Futsal Academy – West  

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Madison Futsal Academy – East  

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Madison Futsal Academy  Schedule

Sessions Winter 1 (Nov-Dec) Winter 2 (Jan-Feb) Summer (Jun-Jul)
Length 8 weeks 8 weeks 8 weeks
Day Monday West – Thursday East Monday West – Thursday East Monday West – Thursday East

Levels Age Cost Time
Basic 8-10 y/o $145 5-6pm
Intermediate 10-12 y/o $155 6-7pm
Advanced 12-13 y/o $165 7-8:10pm
Select 13-16+ y/o $175 8:10-9:30pm

Madison Futsal Academy Student Player Benefits

Evidence based training Unmatched high technical & tactical training Professional coaches only for all ages
Mini tournament x 1 Scrimmage x 1 Developmental Report
Sport performance x 2 weeks Emotional intelligence training x 8 weeks Strong methodology
Positive academic environment Center of excellence Weekly developmental information


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.