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Madison Futsal Academy Program: Excellence

Madison Futsal Academy – Quick Details:  Unmatched & very strong technical development,  tactical development,  sport psychology for higher level players, research focused and lifelong learning.  Three independent sessions,  summer (June-July), winter 1 (Nov-Dec), winter 2 (Jan-Feb).  Training Mondays west or Thursdays east, 8 weeks. Open to all players ages 8-17, placement based on age and player qualities.  Program will challenge players to high levels, including top level players, particularly those players looking to prepare for regional/national competition.  Note:  this is the one program we suggest  to all players for strong long term technical & tactical development.

Madison Futsal Academy – Description: a) Curriculum – Evidence Based: We study and incorporate literature/research review  for 30+ hours a week, on all aspects of player development.  We review futsal and soccer research from Dutch schools, Brazilian schools, French schools, Spanish schools, Italian schools and other futsal/soccer schools to maximize player abilities and skills. Please click here for more info on evidence based program. b)  Coach Education – Ongoing: We travel internationally as well as host here first team National Coaches to strongly continue with coach growth & education.  Some of these coaches include: Finland/Croatian National Team Coach, Dutch National Team Coach and Spanish National Team Coach. Please see about us for coach education. c) Training Sessions – Unmatched Strong Technical/Tactical Training: Based on ongoing coach education and ongoing research review, training sessions focus on executive functioning (evidence based high predictor of future player growth), visual field, reaction time, individual and group technical/tactical training for high level development.  Our curriculum is developed so players get a minimum of nearly 1000 touches per hour, average around 2500 touches per hour, and a maximum  25000 + touches. d)  Methodology: Purpose of this branch is to research best teaching methods as well as how players (kids) succeed. e) Coach & Player Core Values: Work Ethic, Honest, Forward Thinking, Positive, Collaborating.  f) Coach & Player Code of Excellence: Flexible, Resilience,  Empathy, Knowledge, Millions of Small Actions.

Madison Futsal Academy Coaches: Professional Coaches

Madison Futsal Academy – Coaches: Coach ongoing education and research review/applications are key to fostering a true player development.  We only staff qualified professional coaches with international training & licensing, USSF training & licensing, teaching background, and that have a passion for this beautiful game. Please click here to meet our coaches.  Strong methodology, research review, thousands of touches on the ball, technical training, tactical training, strong emphasis on decision making, field visual orientation, researching how to help kids succeed, and cognitive training are only some of the training ground tools used toward player development. West Location:   Lutheran Church of the Living Christ 110 N Gammon Rd Madison, WI 53717.  East Location: 4402 Femrite Drive, Madison, WI 53716

Note: please email us at if you are interested to coach, please include all credentials.

Madison Futsal Academy West:

Registration:       Winter 1 2018-soon     Winter 2 2019-soon          Summer 2019-soon

Sessions Winter 1 (Nov-Dec) Winter 2 (Jan-Feb) Summer (Jun-Jul)
Length 8 weeks 8 weeks 8 weeks
Day Mondays Mondays Mondays

Levels Age Cost Time
Basic 8-10 y/o $145 5-6pm
Intermediate 10-12 y/o $155 6-7:10pm
Advanced 12-13 y/o $165 7:10-8:20pm
Select 13-16+ y/o $175 8:20-9:30pm


 Madison Futsal Academy East:

Registration        Winter 1 2018-soon      Winter 2 2019-soon        Summer 2019-soon
Sessions Winter 1 (Nov-Dec) Summer (Jun-Jul) Winter 2 (Jan-Feb)
Length 8 Weeks 8 Weeks 8 Weeks
Day Thursdays Thursdays Thursdays

Levels Age Cost Time
Basic 8-10 y/o $145 5-6pm
Intermediate 10-12 y/o $155 6-7:10pm
Advanced 12-13 y/o $165 7:10-8:20pm
Select 13-16+ y/o $175 8:20-9:30pm

Madison Futsal Academy Player Benefits:

  • Evidence based training
  • Unmatched high technical & tactical training
  • High executive functioning
  • Strong Methodology
  • Weekly developmental information
  • Sport Performance
  • Professional coaches only for all ages
  • Emotional Intelligence Training
  • Positive academic environment
  • Center of excellence
  •  Injury prevention


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