Development Through Creating

I recently had the honor and privilege to host here the Spanish National Team Futsal Coach for 11 years. Needless to say that the amount of learning and level of details was beyond anything we had seen before.

However, one element that was something very special to consider, was the feedback to “create.” I tried to ask and understand this better. The idea was that a quality coach must invest time in creating.  Creating what? How much time? Creating his way and player way, staying up in late hours to design activities that are original, new, make training plans, try, correct, try again.

Every coach knows that they have to create and make plans, but this is different. Why? For starters the amount of time that a top coach invests, is a lot more then one thinks. Its also the discipline to invest time and energy everyday to create and grow.  The intensity and focus is a lot more then what one would think, the detail and way of thinking is very different. And of course this is tied with coaching education, as one grows, the element to create also grows.

As I think about this, I remember the book “the talent code:, where some of the elements of top experts (in any field) were training hours, deep training, training environment. The amazing thing in any field, a  futsal player, a futsal coach, a soccer player or coach, a violin player and so on, is that action always succeeds.  In other words, to get to that one level, action has to be the leading force. Start, keep trying. Then correct, and try again. Finally, choose training environment that gives you also a deep training environment, with substance, not flavors.

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