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 A Summer Team Developmental Program (June & July)

This program does not conflict with your outdoor team

Program General Description: Madison Futsal Developmental Teams is strictly focused on true lifelong futsal-soccer player training and development.  The program focuses strongly on game applications, balance between coached versus un coached games, decision under pressure, pattern recognition, reaction time, speed of awareness, relation of field space and time and more.  This is a summer program that prepares players also for winter regional/national program.  Players register individually and are placed on a team, there are no tryouts for developmental teams.

This is a summer program (June & July) and does not conflict with player’s outdoor team.

Program Structure: Following registrations, players will be invited for an open scrimmage during the month of April.  Based on performance, players may move from one DOB team to another based on abilities for best competition and development.  Players will be placed on a Developmental Team (no more than 16 players on roster) and coached by Madison Futsal Academy Director Ilir Lushaj.

One team total 16 players max will train together in high speed technical training, executive functioning, strong game application and lifelong learning toward true development.  No unrealistic promises, only lots of hard and intelligent work toward excellence toward building (not born) talent.  No limit, sky is the limit, toward the best possible player development.

Note: we will only form limited teams

Program Requirements & Cost: Players must go through a scheduled scrimmage.  Players must have a willingness to learn, train and develop at highest levels in a strong academic environment with plenty of creativity and opportunities for growth. Cost $268 to include (60 minutes of technical-tactical training on Tuesday, 60 minutes of technical-tactical training on Thursday & 60 minutes of tactical training on Friday, x 7 weeks).  In addition, suggested Sunday open scrimmage under parent supervision.  To also include suggestions on independent training.  Summer absences are taken into consideration in a 16 player roster and low program cost for 3 training a week x 7 weeks.  Players are strongly suggested to register separately for east or west summer academy for a fourth day of training with emphasis on high technical training.

Please note that we reserve the right not to form a team depending on the number of players in a particular age group.

Program Schedule: June & July & Includes:

Coach Guided Program Phase:

07B/G: 9:00am, 06B/G: 10:00am, 05B/G: 11:00am, 04B/G: 12:00pm, 03B/G: 1:00pm, 02B/G:2:00pm

Please note: times may be updated post tryouts

  • Tuesday x 60 minutes
  • Thursday x 60 minutes
  • Friday x 60 minutes
  • Strongly Suggested: register for academy training once a week (west or east)

Additional Independent Training Program Phase:

  • Suggested Sunday open scrimmages, player guided (June & July) (no supervision)

Specific Independent Weekly Training Program Phase:

  • All will be shared with registered players during program

Important Note: Players are required to register separately in (individual) the Madison Futsal Summer Academy for high level technical training when participating in this (team) program.

Upcoming Scrimmage Dates for 2017 Developmental Teams:

Please Note Registration Deadline is May 4 2017

(Dates Listed By Birth Year):

May 6, 2017 May 13, 2017 May 20, 2017
2007G, 4:00pm 2005G, 4:00pm 2003G, 4:00pm
2007B, 5:00pm 2005B, 5:00pm 2003B, 5:00pm
2006G, 6:00pm 2004G, 6:00pm 2002G, 6:00pm
2006B, 7:00pm 2004B, 7:00pm 2002B, 7:00pm
8:00pm Potential Reschedule Time 8:00pm Potential Reschedule Time 8:00pm Potential Reschedule Time

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