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 A Summer Team Developmental Program (June & July)

Madison Futsal Summer Developmental Teams – Quick Description:  Strong tactical development, strong technical development, research focused, character building and lifelong learning.  Training in June and July on Tuesday and Friday for 1 hour each, for 7 weeks.  Cost $249 for non Academy players, and $219 for players registered in the summer academy.  Open to all players ages 9-19, tryout based.  Program will challenge players to high levels, including top level players, particularly those players looking to prepare for regional/national teams.

Madison Futsal Summer Developmental Teams – Program Structure : Madison Futsal Developmental Teams is strictly focused on true lifelong futsal-soccer player training and development.  The program emphasizes tactical development, group development, game applications, visual awareness,  technical-tactical training, balance between coached versus un coached play, decision under pressure, pattern recognition, reaction time, speed of awareness, relation of field space and time and a lot more.  This is a summer program that works on long term development, as well as prepares players for winter regional/national program (Forge). Players register individually, go through a no cost tryout and are placed on a developmental team.  Note: this is a summer program (June & July)

Madison Futsal Summer Developmental Teams – Program Details: Following registrations, players will be invited for an open no cost tryout during the month of May.  Players will be placed on a Developmental Team based on age & ability (no more than 16 players on roster) and coached by Madison Futsal Academy Director Ilir Lushaj & Head Academy Coach Nick Genova.  A team of 16 players max will train together in high speed executive functioning, visual awareness, technical-tactical training, strong game application and lifelong learning toward true development.  Lots of hard and intelligent work toward excellence & toward building (not born) talent.  No limits, toward the best possible player development.  Cost $249 for non Academy players, and $219 for  players registered in the summer academy.  Fee includes, all cost for training 2 times a week for 7 weeks (Jun-Jul): 60 minutes of technical training on Tuesday, 60 minutes of tactical training on Friday, 2 high level coaches, facility cost, and training shirt.  Note: we will only form teams based on player numbers and ability

Coach & Player Code Of Excellence & Values: Work Ethic, Honest, Knowledge, Positive, Collaboration, Flexibility

Program Jun & Jul 2x a WK x 7 WKS 60 min Tue & Fri
Includes 2 Trainings a WK x 7 WKS 2 Coaches Facility Rental
Schedules Releast Post Tryouts During Day Between 9am-4pm


Benefits Unmatched Development Evidence Based Sessions Authentic Development
Benefits Center of Excellence Character Growth Academic Environment

Players are strongly suggested to register for Academy also (Mondays or Thursdays, see academy page),  there is a $30 discount from developmental team fee when registering for summer academy.  Training Times: between 9:00 am through 4:00 pm (younger ages train earlier), all released post tryouts tryouts.

2018 Tryout-Developmental Dates: Listed By Birth Year

May 11 2018                                                                                     May 18 2018   
5pm – 2008 Girls & 2008 Boys                                                      2004 Girls & 2004 Boys
6pm – 2007 Girls & 2007 Boys                                                     2003 Girls & 2003 Boys
7pm – 2006 Girls & 2006 Boys                                                     2002 Girls & 2002 Boys
8pm – 2005 Girls & 2005 Boys                                                     2001 Girls & 2001 Boys

Tryout Location: 155 Braun Rd Oregon, WI 53575

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