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 A Summer Team Developmental Program (June & July)

We Are About: Quality: training, education, research & development. We are not about shiny uniforms, buildings & other superficial materials

Our Motto: live with courage & character, pursue education, together in excellence

Program Details: Following an open and free tryout process, selected student players will be placed on a developmental summer team, coached by Madison Futsal Academy Director Ilir Lushaj or Academy Head Coach Nick Genova. Two regular training session a week for 7 weeks (each 1.5h), one scrimmage a week for 7 weeks (each 2h) & 1-2 sport psychology sessions. Cost $285 for players registered in the summer academy or $335 for players not registered for winter academies.  Fee includes 35 hours of quality training, coaching fees, facility fees and training shirt. A lot of hard and intelligent work toward excellence & toward building (not born) talent.

Unmatched quality training, total  of 35+ quality training hours, additional playing (mini tournament, scrimmages), strong developmental curriculum with several international coaches feedback, & detailed player evaluation.

Our Core Values:  Respect (Honest, Work Ethics, Trust) & Honor (Joy, Innovation, Self-Control) & Grit (Perseverance, Optimism, Gratitude).

Season Length Training Days Scrimmage Days Training Times Scrimmage Times
Jun & Jul 7 Weeks Tue & Fri – 90 min Wed – 120 min Day Times During The Day
Includes Training Scrimmages Mini Tournament Sport Performance x 2 Training Shirt


Benefits Evidence Based Professional Coaches Unmatched Development Academic Environment
Benefits Center of Excellence Strong methodology Authentic Development Developmental Evaluation
Benefits Executive Functioning Sport Psychology Character Growth Lifelong Learning

Note: Players are strongly suggested to also register in the summer Academy program (Mon or Thur, see academy page), a $50 discount from dev team.

2019 Tryout-Developmental Dates: Listed By Birth Year

Date: TBA Date: TBA Alternate Date: TBA
4pm 2010 Girls & 2010 Boys 4pm 2005 Girls & 2005 Boys 4pm Age TBA
5pm 2009 Girls & 2009 Boys 5pm 2004 Girls & 2004 Boys 5pm Age TBA
6pm 2008 Girls & 2008 Boys 6pm 2003 Girls & 2003 Boys 6pm Age TBA
7pm 2007 Girls & 2007 Boys 7pm 2002 Girls & 2002 Boys 7pm Age TBA
8pm 2006 Girls & 2006 Boys 8pm 2001 Girls & 2001 Boys 8pm Age TBA

By constant self-discipline and self-control you can develop greatness of character. Grenville Kleiser