First, Love The Game:

First, Love The Game:

I wanted to briefly touch on this concept as a key element toward high quality players.  While there is absolute evidence that coaching environments will impact a player’s ability on level of play, there is great information that for a player to function at higher levels (output) there must be an equal amount of the training (input) to create that balance.

Another way to look at this is the “want” versus “love.”  If a player or TEAM wants to play high level without loving that process, he/she will always be a move behind, analyzing why instead of working to grow.  He or she will always look at adding more superficial layers versus depth of stability, looking at the next school instead of creating new levels with what you have.

Practical applications:

Focusing on loving the process of training not just the outcome of it.  Training daily, training when no one is watching, training to the point of exhaustion, then training again, then again and again, all with humility/gratitude and respect to love the process, visualizing, looking less for the next and the next thing and more and more on doing more with what we have, building character (doing the right thing when no one is watching), training gratitude toward others, respecting all as a way of growing, training, training, training,

Some of world examples on these qualities: Rugby team All Blacks in Australia that after a game in front of 60.000 spectators cleans locker rooms together to be humble and respect, Youth Brazilian players that train for 4 hours 5 days a week with a lot of free play, Tennis schools in Moscow where they do a lot imaginary ball play, school of music in New York where professor literally rewires students brain by making timed corrections and students capture that moment to grow, and many, many more.

While nothing is guaranteed in terms of development and growth: its certain that if one puts minimum amount of training in will get minimum out, if one puts average in gets average out, above average in will bring you above average out, and loving the process to give all in your capability doing all that you can, will eventually get you to what you thought you cant.  Patience, patience, patience is of key importance for true growth.

Perhaps we can view this beautiful game as a beautiful mountain: a) Love it from start to destination, b) Want it less forcefully, c) Give every inch and breath to climb, d) Respect it all the way with gratitude 

Love the game, give it all you have inside you, respect all and maybe we can climb a mountain that never dreamed we could.


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