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A Winter Team Regional /National Program (Nov-Dec & Mid Jan) 

Madison Futsal Forge Regional/National Teams – Program Details:  This program is in cooperation with United States Youth Futsal. Following an open and free tryout process, selected players will be placed on a regional/national team.  Selected players will be placed on a regional team, coached by Madison Futsal Academy Director Ilir Lushaj or Academy Head Coach Nick Genova & program sport psychologist/coach David Lacocque.  Player evaluation and placement is done based on birth year and focus on individual and team technical & tactical qualities and play.  Team schedule, 8 weeks, train Tuesday and Saturday, special training on Thursday (shooting individual and combination),  league play on weekend, local tournament in November and regional tournament in January.  Total  of 50+ direct top quality training hours plus  additional playing (mini tournament), strong developmental curriculum with several international coaches feedback, and detailed player evaluation.  Lots of hard and intelligent work toward excellence & toward building (not born) talent

Teams will train together in high level futsal dynamics, systems of play, high speed technical-tactical training, executive functioning, strong game application and lifelong learning toward true development.   Cost $395 for players registered in the winter 1 academy and  also winter 2 academy, and $445 for players not registered for winter 1 and winter 2 academy.  Fee includes 8 weeks of top quality training 3 times a week,  8 weeks of playing once a week, local tournament, regional tournament, 2 sport psychology sessions., several additional open and scheduled scrimmages  Fee does not include uniforms (minimal direct cost).

Program titles include regional and national champions, however our focus will always remain on the process of development and not titles. Note: we will only form teams based on player numbers and ability.   If qualified for National tournament,  players and teams are expected to be available for National tournament. Tryout Location: 155 Braun Rd Oregon, WI 53575

Coach & Player Core Values:  Respect (Honest, Work Ethics, Trust) & Honor (Joy, Innovation, Self-Control) & Grit (Perseverance, Optimism, Gratitude). f) Coach & Player Code of Excellence: Knowledge & Millions of Small Actions.

Madison Futsal  Training – Invitation Membership

Madison Futsal Training Invitational Membership: Players can always  simply tryout  and if offered a sport you can participate in the Forge Regional-National program without a membership. However invitational membership  program (Nov 1 2018 – July 31 2019) includes:  6 academies (3 west and 3 east), summer developmental team training (3 times a week for 7 weeks), Forge winter training (3 times a week for 8 weeks, note for  Forge playing one must still tryout).  Invitational membership also includes: scrimmages  (on Saturday mornings  for  7 months), weekly feedback and developmental assignments.  No conflict with outdoor season. Please email us before Oct 1 2018 at if interested, we will assess player and update on application status.


Season Training Schedule Play Schedule Special Training Tournaments
Nov-Dec-Jan Tue & Sat Sunnday/Weekend Thursdays Nov-Local, Jan-Regional


Includes 8 Weeks 3 Trainings a Week 1 Game a Week Sport Psychology x 2 Local & Regional Tourney


Madison Futsal Forge  Teams Player Benefits
Train 3 x a week for 8 weeks Play League x 8 WKS Local Tournament Regional Tournament Character Building
GK Training Weekly Player Development App Extra Scrimmages Season Evaluation Sport Psychology Session
Two High Level Coaches League Coaches Tournament Coaches Weekly Lecture Top Development
Authentic Futsal International Coach Inservice Regional Experience National Experience Lifelong Development

Note: Summer – we encourage all forge players to participate in the summer developmental program.  Please see summer developmental program page for more information.  This summer program is a low cost & high intensity program to assist player development, particularly on tactical applications.

Tryouts For Forge Regional-National Teams: Deadline is July 20, 2019

Date: TBA                                                                                            Date: TBA                                           Date:  TBA            
5pm – 2010 Girls & 2010 Boys                                                       2006 Girls & 2006 Boys                             Please Email Us
6pm – 2009 Girls & 2009 Boys                                                       2005 Girls & 2005 Boys                             Please Email Us
7pm – 2008 Girls & 2008 Boys                                                       2004 Girls & 2004 Boys                              Please Email Us
8pm – 2007 Girls & 2007 Boys                                                       2003+ Girls & 2003+ Boys                         Please Email Us
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