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Congratulations to all Forge teams 2018-2019 year for top character and performance during regional & national tournament. Amazing students, amazing character, amazing performance.

Authentic Futsal: Development & Quality, Live Here


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A Winter Team Regional /National Program (Nov-Dec & Mid Jan) 

We Are About: World class quality training, education, research & development. We are not about shiny uniforms, buildings & other superficial materials

Madison Futsal Team Core Difference: continuous education by top international coaches, research driven practice, character building, value based

Our Motto: live with courage & character, pursue education, together we forge excellence

Program Details: This program is in cooperation with US Youth Futsal. Following an open and free tryout process, selected student players will be placed on a regional/national team, coached by Madison Futsal Academy Director Ilir Lushaj & Academy Head Coach Nick Genova & program sport psychologist/coach David Lacocque. Maximum roster of 9 players. Program includes: 36+ to 49+ hours of quality training and select games. Details: 8 weeks of pre season (1 tactical training a week on Fridays for 8 weeks), 9 weeks of season training (2 regular training a week for ages 9-12 and 3 regular training a week for ages 13+), 4 Forge to Forge games, 4 Forge to select team games in a 2 tournament format, 2 sport psychology sessions, facility rental, coaching fees, referee fees & player evaluation. Cost for the program $395 for players in teams that train 2 times a week and $425 for players in teams that train 3 times a week. Fee does not include uniforms (minimal direct cost). Teams ages 12 and older will travel to regional tournament. Regional tournament fee is $85 (covering tournament fee, game coaches and travel). Note younger ages usually do not travel to the regional tournament first year, so we focus on development. A lot of hard and intelligent work toward excellence & toward building (not born) talent.

Program Vision: in an effort to build the best national players, teams and program in the US, the Forge program will implement these world class qualities. First: student players will receive top quality development to build the best player/teams and program in the Nation, as assessed by top international coaches we work with and with player/parent feedback and team growth and performance. Second: students will receive 38+ to 49+ quality training hours at the lowest possible program cost to make it available to all. Third, students will receive training in measurable actions of a collective culture of excellence. Fourth: program coaches will participate in fundraising activities to assist with tournament fee and players players will have several fundraiser to support scholarships and other program initiatives such as international competition.

Unmatched world class quality training, total  of 38+ to 49+ quality training hours, strong developmental curriculum with several international coaches feedback, & detailed player evaluation. Program titles include regional and national champions, however our focus will always remain on the process of development and not titles.

Our Core Values:  Respect (Honest, Work Ethics, Trust) & Honor (Joy, Innovation, Self-Control) & Grit (Perseverance, Optimism, Gratitude)

 Madison Futsal Forge Regional-National Team Schedule

Season Length Training Days Game Days Training Times Game Times
Nov – Jan 9 Weeks Tue & Sat – 75m & 75m Sat/Sun – 60 min each Sat 8-2 pm, Tue 5-10 pm Between 5-8 pm
Includes All Training All Games Pre Season Training 8 wk All Fees: Facility, Coach, Ref Sport Performance x 2

 Madison Futsal Forge Regional-National Student Player Benefits 

Benefits Evidence Based Professional Coaches Unmatched Development World Class Development
Benefits Strong methodology Center of Excellence Sport Psychology x 2 Developmental Evaluation
Benefits Executive Functioning Academic Environment Character Development Lifelong Learning
Benefits Regional Experience National Experience Authentic Futsal International Coach Clinics

Tryouts For Madison Futsal Forge Regional-National Teams: Deadline June 10 2019

Time 12-Jun 19-Jun Alternate Date 
4:00pm 2011G & 2011B 2006G & 2006B 6/22/2019 from 1-3pm
5:00pm 2010G & 2010B 2005G & 2005B 6/22/2019 from 1-3pm
6:00pm 2009G & 2009B 2004G & 2004B 6/22/2019 from 1-3pm
7:00pm 2008G & 2008B 2003G & 2003B 6/22/2019 from 1-3pm
8:00pm 2007G & 2007B 2002G & 2002B 6/22/2019 from 1-3pm
Forge players are strongly suggested to participate regularly in the academy program best technical development.
“You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one. ”  James Anthony Froude