Madison Futsal Forge (Winter) Regional-National Teams

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Congratulations to all Forge teams 2010-2019 year for top character and performance during regional & national tournament. Amazing students, amazing character, amazing performance.

Authentic Futsal: Development & Quality, Live Here


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A Winter Team Regional /National Program (Nov-Dec & Mid Jan) 

We Are About: World class quality training, education, research & development. We are not about shiny uniforms, buildings & other superficial materials

Madison Futsal Team Core Difference: continuous education by top international coaches, research driven practice, character building, value based

Our Motto: live with courage & character, pursue education, together we forge excellence

Program Details: This program is in cooperation with US Youth Futsal. Following an open and free tryout process, selected student players will be placed on a regional/national team, coached by Madison Futsal Academy Director Ilir Lushaj & Academy Head Coach Nick Genova & program sport psychologist/coach David Lacocque. Maximum roster of 9 players. Program includes: 36 hours of guaranteed training and select game. Details: pre season of 1 tactical training a week for 8 weeks, season 2 regular training a week (75 min each) for 8 weeks, 4 Forge to Forge games, 4 Forge to select team games, 2 sport psychology sessions, facility rental, coaching fees, referee fees & player evaluation. Cost for the program $385 and includes all above. Fee does not include uniforms (minimal direct cost). Regional tournament fee is $85 (covering tournament fee, game coaches and travel). Note younger ages usually do not travel to the regional tournament first year, so we focus on development. A lot of hard and intelligent work toward excellence & toward building (not born) talent.

Program Vision: in an effort to build the best national players, teams and program in the US, the Forge program will implement these world class qualities. First: student players will receive top quality development to build the best player/teams and program in the Nation, as assessed by top international coaches we work with and with player/parent feedback and team growth and performance. Second: students will receive 36 quality training hours at the lowest possible cost (program cost) to make it available to all. Third, students will receive training in measurable actions of a collective culture of excellence. Fourth: program will have several fundraiser to support scholarships and other program initiatives such as international competition.

Unmatched world class quality training, total  of 36+ quality training hours, strong developmental curriculum with several international coaches feedback, & detailed player evaluation. Program titles include regional and national champions, however our focus will always remain on the process of development and not titles.

Our Core Values:  Respect (Honest, Work Ethics, Trust) & Honor (Joy, Innovation, Self-Control) & Grit (Perseverance, Optimism, Gratitude)

 Madison Futsal Forge Regional-National Team Schedule

Season Length Training Days Game Days Training Times Game Times
Nov – Jan 10 Weeks Tue & Sat – 75m & 75m Sat/Sun – 60 min each Sat 8-2 pm, Tue 5-10 pm Between 5-8 pm
Includes All Training All Games Pre Season Training 8 wk All Fees: Facility, Coach, Ref Sport Performance x 2

 Madison Futsal Forge Regional-National Student Player Benefits 

Benefits Evidence Based Professional Coaches Unmatched Development World Class Development
Benefits Strong methodology Center of Excellence Sport Psychology x 2 Developmental Evaluation
Benefits Executive Functioning Academic Environment Character Development Lifelong Learning
Benefits Regional Experience National Experience Authentic Futsal International Coach Clinics

Tryouts For Madison Futsal Forge Regional-National Teams: Deadline June 10 2019

Time June 12 June 19 Alternate Date 
5:00pm 2010G & 2010B 2006G & 2006B Please Email Us
6:00pm 2009G & 2009B 2005G & 2005B Please Email Us
7:00pm 2008G & 2008B 2004G & 2004B Please Email Us
8:00pm 2007G & 2007B 2003G & 2003B Please Email Us
Forge players are automatically qualified to participate in the summer developmental teams, and strongly suggested or academy program best technical development.


“You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one. ”  James Anthony Froude