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For a complete list of FIFA laws of the game, please click here (note that this does not account for Madison Futsal house rules, see below)

Key FIFA & Madison Futsal House Rules Review

FIFA Rules:

  • There is a 4 second limit on every restart (other then kick offs or PK)
  • No shoulder charging (a game of skills)
  • No slide tackling
  • No throw in, but kick in (4 seconds for kick in, ball & foot on line or behind, if not field, re-do but time adds from first attempt)
  • Goals cannot be scored directly from kick-ins
  • No goal kick but goal clearance (goalkeeper rolls the ball with hands)(can drop pass, drop kick, drop shoot from saving air ball).  If goal clearance more than 4 seconds = corner kick, also opposite
  • Goalkeeper can throw the ball in opposite half of the field from goal clearance
  • Substitutions are made “on the fly” (player has to leave the field before the other comes in)
  • Upon a team’s 6th accumulated foul in each half, the defending team cannot build a wall to block the kick
  • No offside rule
  • For free kicks, kick in, corner kick, kick offs – opponents have to be at least 5 m (16 ft) away from the ball
  • In a goal clearance players should be on the pitch and outside the penalty area of the team taking the goal clearance until the ball is in play
  • In a penalty kick all player other than the player taking the kick must be 5 m behind the ball
  • The rest of the soccer rules apply (penalty kick, indirect/direct free kick).
  • Red card = players leaves court and bench, 2 minutes play one player down, can send new player after 2 minutes
  • Whistle only necessary with penalty and kick off
  • Direct kick – referee counts onside not above head, so they can signal direct signal above head
  • Goalie has to be online for first penalty mark, can move outside for second penalty mark (as long as 5 meters behind ball)
  • Players can wear casts (no metal, and padded, staff assessed)
  • Only goal keepers can wear long pants
  • GK has only 4 seconds with his feet in his own half
  • Referee’s decisions are final, please respect their decision.

House Rules:

  • No time out per game
  • No switching of benches between halves.
  • Games are 2 equal periods of 25 minutes with 3 minutes at half time
  • Ball can go back from kick off
  • Ball does not have to cross half line nor touch an opposing player for a player to pass ball back to goalkeeper.
  • Goalkeepers CAN NOT throw from goal clearance over 6 feet 
  • No sliding tackling at all, even in open spaces when other players are not around
  • Affiliation with US Soccer Federation will implement the “No Heading” rule for U11 and under

Clarifying Rules:

  • All about 6th foul: All About 6th Foul
  • Can a goal be scored directly form a goal clearance (goalies throw it with hands to the other side: NO
  • Can a goalie pick up ball with his hands if his player passes back: NO, this is the same as outdoors
  • Can you score from a kick off: NO
  • Can you pass ball back to goalkeeper, without ball first crossing half of line or touching opponent: Yes, this is a house rule
  • Can a player head the ball back to the goalkeeper and the goal keeper pick it up with hands: no this you can do outdoor but not in Futsal, in Futsal regardless which part of the body is used to play the ball back to the keeper, goal keeper can not use hands on a ball played back to him from his players.