Analysis: The Cost of Unidirectional Coaching

The beautiful game is a game of rhythm, building, creativity, and connectivity.  It is an entertaining game, which is fun to watch by billions of people worldwide.

However, the element that continues to destroy all those creative bricks of the beautiful game, is the fact that this game from youth to MLS, is a very unidirectional one.  The cost of this unilateral game takes away true development, creativity, space recognition, player connectivity and entertainment.  Ultimately this allows this to be just a game, and no longer the beautiful game.

That is why youth coaching needs to have a strong focus toward multi-directional development.  This is even more true for ages 5-10, or the age of behavior pattern development, and needs to continue through ages 11-15 and 16-19.   It is crucial that coaching these young ages, is not a going through motions process, but a process of multi-directional thinking and activity, a process of space recognition and connectivity.  The weight of coaching needs to focus toward a diagonal vision, in a dance like field, where the rhythm of the game changes depending on the place of the field and timing of the process.

The best things and ways, continue to be simple.  Coaching a multi-directional game and a way of thinking can also be very simple, and youth players respond very well and never disappoint.  If the thousands of players we have are given this opportunity, we will surround our youth soccer with a very significant number of talent, which will lead to a true change and a true development of the beautiful game.

Ilir Lushaj

Madison Futsal Academy Director

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