• Vision: To offer every player/team the safest & most knowledgeable futsal/soccer program in the nation. To offer highest character & relationship development.
  • Futsal & Development: Futsal is the official form of indoor soccer. Why do the world’s best soccer players come from Futsal? Click here to watch.
  • Who Is This Program For: Clubs & community soccer teams in Dane County & Wisconsin looking for an authentic center of excellence program.
  • 100% Fee Transparency: Team fees are 100% as published, each player also pays a one time a year insurance fee of $9.95, valid from Aug 1 of one year - July 31 of the following year, and valid for all our events.
  • Excellence & Safety: 100% of games monitored, field marshal, top referee training, strong SafeSport initiatives.
  • Three Discounts: Early registration, two+ teams, three sessions. Email for codes!
  • Schedules: Here you are a partner with us and we will always work with you to accommodate your scheduling needs.
  • Our Difference: Provide the best game (FIFA official), provide best quality (center of excellence), provide best value
  • Our Motto: Love the game.

Madison Futsal Policies: CLICK HERE  (Reminder USSF Rules - no jewelry)


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Main days are Saturdays & Sundays with occasional Fridays. Times are am times for ages U8-U12, early afternoon for ages U12-U14 and later afternoon evening for high school ages. Note times depend on team conflicts and we reserve the right to change.

All games will be at Verona Athletic Center (VAC, 411 Prairie Heights Dr, Verona, WI 53593) and Madison East High School (2222 E Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53704). We reserve the right to also use other facilities.

All new coaches need a one-time SafeSport certification and a one-time background check. All return coaches need to sign acknowledgement of our SafeSport policies and no changes regarding background check. All players, coaches, spectators assessed to display unsafe or unsportsmanship behavior will be first communicated, second warned, third removed (not in order, it depends on each situation). All games have a safe code, a Field Marshal assessing game safety and a team leader assessing event safety. All teams are required to have all players registered, completed waiver and on roster. Players not registered or without a waiver, will not be allowed to play. Teams having a player participate without being on the roster may be removed from the league from as little as 3 months and as much as 2 years.

All employees over 18 need a SafeSport certification and a background check. All junior referees need to go through in-house certification, weekly individual mentoring, regular group training, and suggested soccer referee certification. All advanced referees need to go through in-house certification, weekly individual mentoring, regular group training, required soccer certification. All senior referees need to go through in-house certification, weekly individual mentoring, regular group training, required soccer certification. All referees are required to display the highest standards of Madison Futsal values.

When the weather forecast indicates a possibility of severe weather and hazardous winter driving conditions, we will be actively monitoring the conditions and communicate with all teams. We will make a decision on a delay or cancelation of league games by 6:00 a.m. on Saturdays or Sundays for that day. For games on Friday evenings, a decision will be made by 2:00pm Friday. This will be communicated to all managers via email as well as posted on our website. In the event that we need to delay or cancel games, we will make every effort to reschedule games that have been canceled.

Teams cancelling 24 days prior to the start of the session can receive a full credit or a full refund minus a 12% for administrative fee.
Teams cancelling between 14 and 23 days prior to the start of the session receive 50% refund or credit (with 50% retained by Madison Futsal as an administrative fee).
Teams cancelling 14 days or less prior to start of season receive no refund.

Madison Futsal is a center of excellence league and strives to ensure each team plays a full schedule. Great care is taken creating a schedule for each bracket with the very complicated nature of schedules.
These are the steps to take in the event your team is not available.

Contact Us by email & call 608-438-7446

Contact Us no later than 3 days pre game if unusual situation and can not make game.
From there, we will follow up with both teams.
Forfeits or no shows without communicating demonstrate lack of consideration and have a significant impact on the other team, referee and the program.
Please note a team that forfeits past the 3 days notice or no shows without communicating, can be suspended from the league with no refund. We will assess every situation with fairness and make decisions from there.

There is a once a year player insurance of $9.95, this is a one-time a year fee valid from August 1, of one year through July 31 of the next year. Fee covers all Madison Futsal & Madison Fasbol events.