Who Is This Program For: Individual YOUTH & ADULT players that like to play the beautiful game, have fun, and make new friends in the one and only program with a 100% player centered environment. You register as an individual (free agent) and we will form playing groups, with the objective to provide a great developmental and fun environment.

Program Format: Futsal Joy Ground is designed for individual players that want to play in an informal pick up like game, and to give kids & adults the love for the beautiful game. Players register individually, and are placed in a group of 14-16 players based on age and level of competition. The group splits into 2 teams and play versus each other, 4 players and 1 goalkeeper on the field and maximum 3 subs per team. Youth team will have a coach to provide supervision, manage substitutions, and monitor behaviors. Adult teams will not need to have a coach. Both youth and adult teams will have referees to simply provide a true game environment. We offer one winter futsal session, 6 weeks long, during Dec-Jan , games are 1 hour long. Cost is $75 for adults & $90 for youth and includes all fees: facility, coach supervision (youth only), referee, game shirt, TeamSnap, admin.

This program will allow a truly player centered environment and a “street” like joy ground.

Participating Criteria: Players have to make a very strong effort in four areas: positivity, unity, work ethic, creativity.

Details: Please click here to register for the Winter Futsal Session